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Whole Sales

George Piliouras

Whole-Sales Manager
Tel: +30 2242069469
Mobile: +30 6948267225
E-mail: wholesales@eviksa.com

What is the area of service of EYIK S.A.?

The geographical radius of our whole-sales services is in general the islands of the Dodecanese in which EYIK S.A. is the leading whole-sales company. At the moment of speaking our modern network of sales extends to the islands listed below.

In the near future according to our strategic plan and aggresive marketing scheme, EYIK S.A. plans to extend its network of sales to the rest of the large Dodecanese Islands, such as Astipalea, Kasos, Leros and Kastelorizo.

Why should any customer invest in the whole-sales services EYIK S.A. offers?

The statistics provided below are proof of the constant economic growth of Dodecanese and therefore a valuable investment in the whole-sales sector of commerce.

2005 is used as base year unless specified otherwise.

  • 5% Increase as indicated by the Volume Index in Retail Trade
  • 22% Increase as indicated by the Turnover Index in Retail Trade
  • 19.33% Increase as indicated by the National Consumer Price Index
  • 17% Population growth in a 10 year period as indicated by the last cencus in 2001
  • An average increase of 11.26% in arrivals to the National Airport "Hippocrates" (KGS)
  • Also as indicated by the "Per Capita Gross Domestic Product" index the Southern region of the Aegean Islands holds the TOP with 25.290 Euros in 2009
Regions 2009 (millions euro) Participation in the whole country
Eastern Macedonia & Thrace 9067 3.9%
Central Macedonia 35334 15.0%
Western Macedonia 5467 2.3%
Thessaly 12904 5.5%
Epirus 5797 2.5%
Ionian Islands 4606 2.0%
Western Greece 12083 5.1%
Central Greece 12493 5.3%
Peloponnese 11162 4.7%
Attica 102001 43.4%
Northern Aegean 3562 1.5%
Southern Aegean 7788 3.3%
Crete 12753 5.4%
Total 235017 100%

Regions 2009 (euros per capita)
Eastern Macedonia & Thrace 14945
Central Macedonia 18123
Western Macedonia 18651
Thessaly 17534
Epirus 16232
Ionian Islands 19773
Western Greece 16247
Central Greece 22534
Peloponnese 18867
Attica 24884
Northern Aegean 17799
Southern Aegean 25290
Crete 20896
Total 20830

The Dodecanese islands offer a major competitive advantage in relation to other commercial areas of Greece. That is a tax reduction of 5.10Euros/lt. on all alcoholic products in relation to the rest of the country.

Which categories of products does EYIK S.A. import?

Our whole-sales products include the import by 95% and the distribution of the product categories listed below:

  • Alcohol beverages.
  • Wine and sparkling wines.
  • Beers and RTDs (Ready-To-Drink)
  • Non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Food
  • Souvenirs and beach accessories
  • Detergents - Cosmetics

Our whole-sales services are the following:

  • Distribution (Privately owned transportation means)
  • Costumer Relationship Management
  • Onsite order system
  • Supply tracking management system
  • Promotion of new products
  • Product placement management in retail stoles

Can EYIK S.A. take care of the full promotion of the products mentioned?

EYIK S.A. imports constantly new products and takes care of their whole sales management since 2000.

Once the products reach our warehouses then our vehicle fleet available for distribution takes over. In particular, the fleet consists of the following vehicles:

  • 3 Trucks
  • 2 Vans

In terms of storage, EYIK S.A provides warehouses with a total of 9000 sq.m.

EYIK S.A also provides massive storage of imported alcoholic products in our bonded warehouse in which dutiable goods may be stored, manipulated, or undergo manufacturing operations without payment of duty.

Concluding, EYIK S.A, with its successive course of actions all over these years has managed to raise a customer base which consists of more than 300 customers around the world.

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