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New Products Marketing

Distribution and Promotion hand in hand

The next level of commerce after the product distributing is the marketing strategy of new products promotion. EYIK S.A has a certain set of services, concerning the new products in the market, which serve as the boost in gaining market share fast for greater profits.

Independent points of sale

EYIK S.A with its 4 Retail Super Markets with a total of 4.000 sq.m. has the unique ability to promote new products with complete freedom, not having to cooperate only with third-party retail points of sale and thus restricting their marketing in certain aspects. A successful product promotion is characterized by its swiftness and its accuracy on selecting the most fitting target group. EYIK S.A. broke down those characteristics into Media Marketing, In-Store Stand placement, careful selection of product placement on the shelves and of course Internet Promotion through our website.

Sales network

Apart from the retail sector of Kos, EYIK S.A also provides a large whole-sales network expanding to the biggest part of the Dodecanese which consists of 300 retail points of sale. Specificaly, our serving locations are:

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Imported products catalog

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